Complete Carl Brawl Stars Guide About Tips, Attack, Skin and Power

Carl Brawl Stars Complete Guide On Tips, Tricks, Skin, Power, Stats and Attack. Now Use Power on Right time in Brawl Stars with Unlimited Power Mod and more.

Here is Carl Brawl Star tips and guides that will walk through everything you want to know about this new brawler. Carl Brawl star is a pickaxe which has the ability to harm any enemy caught in it up to multiple times, and it returns back to him. The pickaxe can come back to Carl through dividers. Carl’s basic attack does not reload like normal Brawlers’. At the point when his pickaxe comes back to him, he gets his only one to reload/shot back. In any case, if Carl’s pickaxe hit a wall on its way outwards, it will return back to Carl sharper than normal, permitting him to throw it once more. In Brawl Ball, Carl can shoot the ball without using ammunition.


Health Stats by Level

  1. 4400
  2. 4620
  3. 4840
  4. 5060
  5. 5280
  6. 5500
  7. 5720
  8. 5940
  9. 6160
  10. 6160

Attack Stats by Level

  1. 640
  2. 672
  3. 704
  4. 736
  5. 768
  6. 800
  7. 832
  8. 864
  9. 896
  10. 896

Carl Brawl Stars

Super Stats by Level

  1. 400
  2. 420
  3. 440
  4. 460
  5. 480
  6. 500
  7. 520
  8. 540
  9. 560
  10. 560

Carl Brawl Star Tips & Tricks:

  • Try to take position between your opponent and a close wall in Brawl Star Mod Apk. You can throw the pickaxe and it will skip off the wall and return to you. On the off chance that you can pin the enemy close to a wall, you can get the various attack on them and arrangement a huge amount of harm.
  • When Carl’s pickaxe hits an obstacle, it jumps off and returns, letting Carl throw it again faster.
  • If the enemy is hidden behind the wall, Carl can easily throw his pickaxe near the wall and move it to make the pickaxe travel into hit the target on the way back.
  • Carl has a superpower to do a lot of damage but at a very short range. Make sure to be close to your enemy brawler but don’t be too close that will minimize its damage.
  • When using Carl’s superpower, don’t forget to pay attention to your health. As you know Carl doesn’t have any shield like other brawlers Rosa and Darryl and Star Power Brawl Stars.
  • Carl can use his super while his pickaxe still flying but he can’t use his main attack while using his super.

I hope these tips help you to enjoy Carl Brwal Star, don’t forget to feedback your excellent experience with Carl Brawl Star.