Best and Worst Star Power Brawl Stars Complete List

Star Power Brawl Stars Complete List will let you know which star is Best and Which is Worst. Play Brawl Star more wisely with this list.

Star power is the item that you can gain through brawl boxes, and you can also buy these start power from the Brawl’s shop.

Each Brawlers has its own abilities, if you get enough power point you can upgrade them to the next level. In the  Higher levels of Brawlers, you have to get more Power Points to upgrade. That’s why we get Brawl Star Mod Apk For You.

Here you’ll the different Star Power Brawl Stars.

Star Power Brawl Stars

Brawlers, and their star powers descriptions:

Carl, Power Throw

 Carl throws his Pickaxe with more speed, allowing it to quickly travel and return faster.

Gene, Magic Puffs

 Gene has the ability to recovers all friendly Brawlers around him for 200 health per second.

Leon, Smoke Trails

When Leon uses his Super, Leon has the ability to gains a boost of movement speed during his invisibility.

Barley, Medical Use

Barley recovers health from each of his main attack.

Brock, Incendiary

The Brock’s attack sets the ground on fire. he has the ability to 240 damage per second in the enemy’s area.

BoCircling Eagle 

Bo finds out the enemies hidden in bushes from an unnatural distance. And sharing this with the teammates!

Tara, Black Portal

Tara has a Super cracks open a magnitude portal! A shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies with its super crack powers.

Spike, Fertilize 

By staying in its area of effect, Spike can revive 500 health per second after using its super.

Shelly, Shell Shock

Shelly’s Superpower is to shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!

Star Power Brawl Stars

Crow, Extra Toxic

Crow has poison and poison saps are the strength of enemies. who deal 10% less loss while poisoned.

Colts, Slick Boots

Colts can increase the movement speed by using the pair of slick new boots.

Bull, Berserker:

Bull reload his speed double when he falls below 40% health.

There are many other Brawl stars that you can unlock like Supercell Id Brawl Stars by playing this interesting game. Each feature has its own power, the player wants to try all at the same time. Because every feature is more than by others.

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